When to outsource – should someone else be creating your sales funnel?

So you know you want to set up a sales funnel. Whether on your own website, on ClickFunnels, or any other software, the next step is deciding: who will do it? Will you write your own copy? Will you do the technical part yourself? If you’re wondering what’s best for you, let me help you, Gay Hendricks style (if you haven’t read The Big Leap, try it!). 

All the things you do

When you are running your own business many, many, things need to get done. Most of you will have a social media presence, on one platform or several. There might be blogs. There is the actual client work. Working ON your business, having a vision and knowing how to evolve your business. There are many things to do and some NEED to be done by you. For example, only you can decide where you want your business to go. For all else, I like to use the scales from the Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. What is the zone this action would fall in for you?

Zone of genius

Zone of genius is something that you are AMAZING at. Hopefully, this is the special service you are offering. Something that comes easy to you and is unique to how anyone else would do it. It makes you stand out. This would be something you keep doing yourself for as long as you don’t outgrow it. As a coach, the actual coaching of clients will you first do yourself. Eventually, as your business grows, you might start training other coaches and only do a few coaching calls yourself. Only the really high-end clients. But this applies to all businesses, not just coaching.

Zone of excellence

Next is the zone of excellence. This is also a place where you can do things yourself, mostly if your income is not high enough to hire others. Gay Hendriks suggests to only stay in your zone of genius as that is where the real money is. However, if you are just starting out, or simply not there yet, something in your zone of excellence can definitely be done by you. You’ve trained for it. You know how it works, better than most. If you simply don’t want to and have the money, outsource. If you have more time than money, do it yourself. There is little advantage to being able to say you build your own sales funnel when you are trying to sell your coaching services. If you can, stay in your lane.

Zone of competence

This is a very broad competence level. It’s something almost EVERYBODY can do kinda okay. Most small businesses start by creating their own website. When you have a little idea of how computers work and spend enough time and googling everything, you will get a website live. It will look DIY, but you can get it done if you have the basic underlying skills, or at least some. It just takes a lot of time and it will show it’s not done by a professional. It’s your zone of competence. You can do it, especially if you don’t have the funds to hire someone. But if you have things to do that are at a higher competence level, and you have the money, hire someone. This is not where you will find your riches.

Zone of incompetence

Now, this is where you KNOW you shouldn’t spend ANY time. Do you suck with technology? Don’t build your own website, or sales funnel, or anything. It will take you months, look like crap, and not work as it should. You had better spend your time getting better at your craft. Networking. Finding the actual clients. I know some people who still will work in their zone of incompetence, I even have with some tasks. However, it will suck the joy out of your business and won’t make you the money you are looking for. Your business will not thrive when you work from your zone of incompetence.

So, what to outsource?

It is clear, when a task is in your zone of incompetence, outsource! There are no excuses. If you are just starting your business, you might even think about bartering rather than doing it yourself.

Are you making any money? You now want to outsource your zone of competence. It will be faster, better, when you have someone do it for you, for whom it is their zone of excellence or genius. Make sure you spend your time in the higher zones.

Are you making good money? Outsource your zone of excellence. Especially if you know what your zone of genius is, focus on there. That’s what will make your business grow.

Are you in your zone of genius? Keep doing it yourself. When you keep growing, eventually your tasks in your zone of genius will become your zone of excellence. Then you can review all over again :).

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