The story of Patty

Hi, I’m Patty, creator of Melanze.

Hi, I’m Patty, creator of Melanze.

I’m honest, love a logical challenge like Sudoku or website development, efficiency, but also sunshine and good food!


After getting my bachelor's in mathematics & information technology, I started working in corporate as a software tester. I always tested all the technical parts most other software testers did not get as naturally as I did with my background.

After 6 years and a burn-out (or actually a bore-out), I finally decided to leave and take a chance on my own, even though I had no real clue yet what that would look like.

Soon after I created my first website, I started with the Divi builder as most do, but soon I switched to mostly using Movedo theme and now I'm loving Beaver Builder as it's so easy to use!.

Since then I have created many websites and sales pages for others. Showing off knives, an escape room, royalty services and courses, memberships & toolkits for the growing entrepreneur!

I love helping others show up online as the professional they are!


After building several websites and sales pages, again I started feeling that icky thing… Something is wrong… This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. This isn’t as efficient as it can be.


Then I came across a different way of creating websites which immediately got me realizing, this is it! This is what fits me and my values: website in a day!

This means more clarity, more efficiency for my clients, all the while delivering websites my clients love! As I love working together with a professional designer to create the most amazing websites for my clients as I can, I did have to tweak this way of working to completely fit me and my business.

But now I did, I’m never going back :)!

Some other random facts about me:

  • I’m Dutch and lived in mostly small villages just south of Amsterdam. Right now I’m mostly enjoying the Spanish weather
  • I grew up with many, many, many animals… Dogs and cats always, and sometimes there were chickens, rabbits and the random goat or horse. Never boring…
  • I’ve always been very curious… As soon as I could talk I would keep asking my dad and everybody who was rebuilding the farm we lived on what they were doing and why. Yes, I do know more about construction than you would expect or I need…
  • I love boating! I got my certificate for operators of pleasure crafts when I was around 18 and have spent many hours on the water. At 32 I studied some more to also be able to go out on coastal waters like in Spain. I rarely go out boating now, but at some point, I definitely will again!

Curious if I can help you?