share your website with confidence
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for female entrepreneurs selling their services or courses online

Do you…

feel like an amateur without a professional website?
wonder what link you can share to promote yourself after collaborating and come off as professional?
cringe when someone says ‘i’ve just been on your website’?

want one simple online space to send new clients to for information?
want an online shop-window that reflects you and your brand?
want to say, go to my website instead of some random booking link?
want to feel professional and confident enough to collaborate with bigger names?

You don’t want a just-out-of-the-box website, You want something that’s truly made for you and your business.

My website in a day service is exactly what you need!

Your new custom website starts with a web magician like me who makes the process sleek & pain free and gets the vibe you want your website to have

Who is responsive and gets things done quickly

Who is efficient and rubs off on you

Who makes you step up, to be the real you

Who helps you to be proud to share your online brand

Who helps you feel like the professional you are!

Ready to get your website live?

Creating a website you love in an easy & fast way doesn’t go all by itself. You have to do your part too.
When you are clear on your brand vision, colours, texts and all, we can create magic.

Not sure if you have all you need? Or need to put all you already have in an easy overview?

Download the guide to get ready for your new website and get one step closer to getting your dream website live!

Receive your free website prep guide

Know what your services are and how to explain them?

Have an idea about your visual brand?

Have the website copy ready?

Excited to get your website live in a short space of time?

Want to confidently share about what you offer online?

Ready to get your personal window-shop out in the world?

I'm Patty

As a web specialist, I focus on making websites work and look the way you’d want them to.
I have 15 years of experience in programming with different languages (programming languages that is) and have been working specifically with WordPress websites for 6 years now and enjoying it!
I work together with my partner, to truly create a design that’s unique and specific to you and your brand! I have done courses by designers who made me go awww with their designs. While my partner does the main branding and vibe, I create the finishing touches to make it extra special and extra you.

Me in a short sentence: I’m honest, to the point and love working with other online service providers like coaches, VA’s and alike.

I'm Patty
Patty stripes

Ready to...

have a website that fully shows who you are and what you offer?
feel confident to promote yourself online?
feel more professional?
like an actual business owner?

Let’s do this!

What clients say


After 10 years of ‘website shame’ I now have a site that I am so proud of and it was a delight to work with Patty. She completely understood what I wanted in terms of content and design and delivered so much more than I ever hoped for.

Alison Smith
Administrative support

Jo Bendle

I love Patty’s whole “stress free” approach to creating sales pages. She sent me a design to feedback on before building it, was super responsive to changes and made the whole process sleek and pain-free.

Jo Bendle
Coach & Mentor

Jenny Guyat

I have just discovered Melanze and what a find! Patty’s service was fast, smooth, easy and her eye for design is amazing. […] I’m delighted with my new sales page.

Jenny Guyat
Career Coach

What you get with a Melanze website:

  • A custom-designed website, no standard templates
  • A great premium WordPress theme that works with a page builder
  • All necessary technicalities installed and working correctly
  • A great customer experience for your clients
  • Fast turn around