A Virtual Assistent is THE solution when…

You are a coach who is tired of spending your time

– Responding to emails requesting information or technical help
– Not having an e-mail opt-in page yet
– Setting up your newsletters
– Keeping your website up to date
– Updating your website to show your newest client results
– Not having the processes in place that save you time

Instead of actually coaching people (where we all know the REAL magic happens) or getting new clients, I am your girl!

If you know you need this, send me a mail to set up a time to discuss how I can help you serve your clients even better!

Why I should be your VA?

I know what coaches need

I’ve been a coach myself and have done several courses on it. I understand what it is important in growing your brand and business.

My Information Technology education will help me serve you even better online

I understand software and learn quickly how to use them if I don’t already.

I work hard, but I love to have fun as well

I’ll do what is needed to get the job done in time. Even though I know how to be professional (had to for MANY years in corporate), I believe work can be fun at the same time!

Packages I offer

Website Management Package

*Pricing starts at €135,-

  • Website and plugin updates
  • Website hosting
  • Design landing pages and funnels
  • Update existing pages when needed
  • Troubleshoot + fix website issues
  • Adding blog content (content to be provided)

Website Design Package

*Pricing starts at €1250,-

  • Prices depend on your needs
  • Website hosting available

E-mail Package

*Pricing starts at €125,-

  • Set up email sequences (content to be provided)
  • Send out weekly e-mails (content to be provided)
  • E-mail management (checked twice a day)

* The final price depends on your specific needs. The tasks listed are for reference, if the task you need outsourced is not listed, just ask and we can discuss what is possible.
Monthly hourly retainers are also available. A complete list of prices can be found here.

Software and tools I know my way around…

Let me start with a list most of you will need me to know how to work with (and I do):

Mailchimp, MailerLite, Sketch, Canva, Pages, Numbers, Mail, WordPress, Zoom, Dropbox, Google drive, Gmail, Buffer, Tailwind, Hootsuite.

I probably missed some and I keep on learning using more tools.

If the software you use is not on this list, I might actually know it, or I’d love to learn it!

For those of you in need of more technical help, like coding, I can help you too. Coding languages I know:

About me

My name is Patty Brummelman, and I am from the Netherlands. I love animals, but especially love travel! At the moment I live in the Netherlands, nearby Amsterdam, with my boyfriend.

I worked in IT as a test consultant for various companies for 6 years. The work wasn’t challenging me anymore and so I got out. We traveled the world for one year and then came back.

I started my web design business, but after a while I found I want to do more. I have done several projects that have nothing to do design, like translating websites, building custom plugins, or just fixing bugs.

Now I focus on often small tasks that need to be done, but the businesses don’t have time for or don’t have the knowledge in-house. They are glad someone does those tasks for them in a timely matter and I love the feeling of being helpful to others, win-win!

Want to know even more? Let’s chat and see what I can help you with!

Let’s chat!

Send a message to info@melanze.eu or use the contact form below and I will get back to you!

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