Whether you need a new website, sales page, or complete sales funnel

Whenever we work on your business's online presence, we hold ourselves to these 5 values:

  • Beautiful design
  • Technically Solid
  • Stress-free
  • Clear communication
  • Done in a day
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Whether you need a new website, sales page, or complete sales funnel

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We’re not just good at design and we’re not just ok at tech. We build good looking sites that also work really really well because both matter and tech, done beautifully is our thing.

no-hasslestress-free process with clear communicationDone in a day so you can get on with what you're best at!

I'm Patty, the founder of Melanze

As a web specialist, I focus on making websites work and look the way you imagined them to.
I have 15 years of experience in programming and have been working specifically with WordPress websites for 6 years now. I know how tech works.
I work together with my partner, who creates designs that are unique and specific to you and your brand.

Me in a short sentence: I’m honest, to the point, result-driven, and love working with other female online service providers like coaches, VA’s and alike.

Want to know more? You can find some more info about me here.

In need of a website?

Are you looking to get a new or updated website that looks beautiful and works like Swiss clock work? 

Check out the Website in a day solution.

I will build you a website in WordPress that not only fits your current situation but can also grow with you and your business.

Tell your clients what your offer is about and let the design help you sell it. That is what the sales page in a day offer does for you.

My partner will create a design that wow’s and converts. Then, I will make sure it is up and running on your WordPress website, ready to make you money.

Have a new offer?
Want to sell multiple offers in one flow?

Smart ;). Once someone bought your first offer, they are so much more likely to buy another offer of yours right then and there. That’s why I offer Sales `Funnel in a day.

Same as with the sales page, my partner will design your initial sales page and also your upsell page. After, I will set up your funnel on your WordPress website.

Focusing on growing your e-mail list, but want to host it on your own website AND get statistics? We connect it to Google so you can see your conversion rates easily and for free.

My partner will create a custom design that converts and gets you leads. Then, I will make sure it is up and running on your WordPress website, growing your list.

Growing your e-mail list
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Client love

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Jenny Guyat

I have just discovered Melanze and what a find! Patty’s service was fast, smooth, easy and her eye for design is amazing. […] I’m delighted with my new sales page.

Jenny Guyat
Career Coach

Jo Bendle

I love Patty’s whole “stress free” approach to creating sales pages. She sent me a design to feedback on before building it, was super responsive to changes and made the whole process sleek and pain-free.

Jo Bendle
Coach & Mentor


After 10 years of ‘website shame’ I now have a site that I am so proud of and it was a delight to work with Patty. She completely understood what I wanted in terms of content and design and delivered so much more than I ever hoped for.

Alison Smith
Administrative support

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Client love

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Website redesign for Margot

Margot wanted her outdated website to show more of her. We kept all her current blogs and did a makeover on all the pages.

Sales page for Jenny

Jenny was looking to get her program out in the world and needed a sales page to help her do so. We came up with a design that she was excited about and implemented it on her website.

Not sure what you need or have other questions?