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  • Not yet ready to have someone else take care of it?

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ideas existing only in your mind


getting exactly that on your website.

No technical fluff talk which does not add anything to your website but confusion.
Clear communication, no surprises, just the website you always wanted.

Who I help

Female entrepreneurs selling their services or courses online

Lean businesses who don’t have an in-house website specialist

I’m Patty, a web & mobile app developer with a passion to make your tech life easier.

Websites can be easy to handle and updated when needed, while still doing all you need it to do. Work FOR you by getting you more leads and sales.
Ready to get your website under control?
I’m here to create you just that.

I’m the one to help you when:

  • You have a web design ready for your website to be built. Read more >>
  • Want to work with me and a designer to design and create the most optimal website for your business that truly represents who you are. Read more >>

  • Want a complete branding experience with copy, social media, and a website. Read more >>

  • You need help on your current website, fixing layout or technical issues, or general updates. Read more >>

As a web developer, I focus on making websites work the way you’d want them to.

I have years of experience in programming with different languages for 15 years (programming languages that is. Normal languages I can work with are Dutch, English and a bit of Spanish). In corporate, I worked with a team as a team to get the best results possible, while having fun on the way. I’ve been working specifically on WordPress websites for 5 years now and started app development 1 year ago.

I’m honest, to the point and appreciate a business well thought out.

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