What could you tweak to improve your sales funnel conversion rate?

You’ve set up your sales funnel, congrats! Doesn’t matter if it’s your first or 10th, it always feels great to finally have set up the funnel you imagined and start making money from it. But, how much money are you making? And can you make more? you can do some tweaks to improve your conversion. Meaning you don’t have to get more leads to make more money from the same funnel. What determines your conversion rate? Several things. In this blog, I will name a few.


The first thing they see when they land on your page is your headline. Is it clear? Is it enticing? Is it unique? Do they want to read more? If your headline is boring or unclear, the interest will fade quickly, meaning you never even have the chance to tell them about how your offer solves their problem. Tweaking your headline can be a great way to start!

Describing the problem

Are you sure you understand their pain? Sure you make them feel like you do? It can be good to tweak around in describing the problem they are having. Maybe the problem is resulting in different negative results, but only one of them is why they can’t fall asleep at night because they are still worried about that one. Testing out which result of the problem to describe to make sure they feel a need to solve it can improve your sales too.

Describing the end result

Is it clear what they will experience once they’ve bought your offer and put it to practice? IS it really what they want? Like the problem, multiple results will occur. Pinpointing which result is really what they are after and make sure they know your offer helps them achieve this. It is the reason they buy. Be sure that the result is what they are looking for the most.

Describing your offer

If you got them as far as reading your offer, do they get what they are getting? How it will get them to the desired result? If your offer isn’t clearly described, your customer will get confused and a confused brain does not buy. See if there is more than one way to describe what it is you provide.

Money-back guarantee

DO you offer a money-back guarantee? Do they need to go through all kinds of hoops? Is it for everyone? How long is the guarantee? These things can all affect whether someone takes a chance on your offer or not. What is it you can do for them? How sure are you that your offer is indeed all you say it is?


It might be interesting to see what pricing does. Maybe simply changing it from €99 to €97 can improve it, but you can also make a more drastic change, like 99 to €37. If you get three times more sales by doing this, you will actually be making more with the same investment AND build your list quicker which can also be very valuable.


What do your buy buttons say? Does it entice them to go and buy now? Mostly a boring “Buy Now” does not do much. Be sure that you put them in a state of taking action when writing these.


Is it easy to read your text? Can they scan over it? Are the colours off-putting? Changes in design don’t need to be extreme. Simply changing the background colour of your CTA’s can have a big impact.

Other options (email, ad, etc)

There are many more things you can test out, for example, the messaging you do in your ad that leads to the funnel. All you can think of that has to do with your complete funnel is testable and can be improved.

So, what are you gonna test first?