What offers to sell in your sales funnel (so that your customers will buy)

So you want to up your average purchase average by offering multiple offers in one sequence. You want a sales funnel. Not simply just offer one product/course or service, but immediately also offer an upgrade. It’s a great idea if done well. But what services, offers, courses, membership or anything else is it you could best sell in your sequence? Not every one of your offers might go well together. To decide which to go with and which to save for another day, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Your audience

If you have a following on social media, or better yet, a good-sized e-mail list, who are they? What do they need? What problems keep them awake at night? Have they previously bought from you, and if so, what did they buy? By knowing your audience, you will know better how to serve them. What offers might or might not speak to them.

Don’t have an audience yet? You will probably need ads. But even so, what audience do you want to serve? Who do you enjoy working with? Who do you want to help for the upcoming years? By knowing who you serve and what exact issue you want to solve will help you a great deal.

Your specialism

Now you know who you serve, how can you help them? It’s great if you want to help someone sleep better, but if all you know is how to use Excel it won’t work. You need to tie your abilities to what you are offering. In the end, if you can’t deliver on your promise, people will ask for refunds and it might destroy your reputation. Tying in your knowledge in your offering is what makes people buy from you and not the next.

Your current offers

If you already have offers, and especially if you know they are doing well, are these scalable? Do you have a course that is proven to be an easy sell? Have something to accompany it? This is probably the best place to start.

Before you start your funnel, it’s best to know that your offers are indeed selling well. If it’s hard to convince people your offer is what will solve their problem, see how it will become more obvious. More what your audience would want.

Your best selling offers

Sometimes you have not one but multiple offers that are doing well. Why not bundle them up? Your initial offer could be the one that’s the most accessible for cold leads, and an upsell could be to buy a bundle for a discount. If you know they sell well and have spent time collecting testimonials, use them!

Your client journey

Maybe on your list, you have loads of people who already bought some specific offers from you. Now that they’ve used or processed that offer, what would be their next step? What is the next problem they would need to solve? If you know your audience well, you might be able to figure out what their next step is. And if you don’t know? Ask! Send out an email, put out a post and ask, what do you need help with right now? Asking directly for what they need does not guarantee they will also be buyers, unfortunately. It is a great start however to get an idea of the right next offer.

Did you get some ideas on what you want your offers in your funnel to be? If you need some more in-depth help, book a strategy call with me and we will dive into it way deeper than I ever could in a blog post. Book your call here.