Is your business ready for a sales funnel?

If you spent a lot of time in Facebook groups for entrepreneurs, you will have heard about sales funnels and how they can improve your business revenue. I agree. But, there is also a caveat. I don’t think everybody is ready to get started with their sales funnel. What it depends on? A few things. You have to be clear before you can start a successful funnel.

What problem do you solve?

People buy for two reasons. To solve a problem, or to entertain themselves (which you can also argue is again a problem). Most often they want to solve a problem they can’t get rid of themselves. Whether it’s something in business, private, love life, or how to get their marketing just right, a solution is needed. What problem are you solving? Before you can start your funnel, be clear on what problem you are solving so you can write your copy to reflect it well.

Who do you solve it for?

Okay, you know what problem you can solve, who is having this problem? I know often these two questions get switched around, but generally, people first know what they like to focus on to then find their audience for it. Knowing who you solve this problem for and who you don’t help makes sure you can tailor your product to them,. Not only your product and copy, but you can also get better results with your product. You might want to help people with their sleeping patterns. However, you help someone with a general problem who simply keeps thinking at night (hi, that’s me). However, you are not helping someone who has a medical reason for not being able to sleep. Making sure that people know if they are the ones you can help, makes sure more of the right people buy and fewer people who won’t see results and will leave a negative review.

What have you offered successfully?

Have you offered this product before? If you have already helped people with that exact problem get to the desired state, this will help you a lot. To get your copy more clear, collect testimonials that help you sell, and simply be sure what they want and need to hear. It shows you have a validated offer. An offer you know that is needed and will help people. This way you don’t start building up a funnel and spend a lot of time and money on it, without even knowing if it is what people want.

Is it an evergreen product?

This is not something it has to be, but it would help you scale your offer. If selling this offer does not mean you have to spend more hours but you simply deliver a course which is all automated, there is no limit to what you can sell. However, if for each product you sell you have to provide a service like I do you might want to create a different strategy. A sales funnel can be used for offers that take you extra time but is most suited for products that are set up once and don’t need anyone’s input once bought. Those are the offers that can easily be scaled.

Do you have an audience?

If you have a large following on your email list, social media, or anywhere, you will have people looking at your offer. If no one knows you (yet) you will have to make sure you get into ads. Without an audience to buy, a sales funnel won’t be helping your bottom line.

Are you ready for a sales funnel?

In the end, it all comes down to your gut feeling. Do you think your business is ready? Do you know what it is you want to sell and how to market it? You don’t have to have all the pieces in place when you start. A sales funnel can always be improved. However, you do want to have some sort of an idea of where you want to go, how you will lead people to your funnel and what is needed from you once you sell your offer.

Know need someone to set up your funnel? Let me help you do so!  The design and technical implementation will be taken care of by me and my designer. You can book your spot here or book a call with me and let’s get to know each other a little better!