Sales funnel vs traditional website: Which is right for you?

Lately, I have been seeing this ad on Facebook where they say you only need a sales funnel and no website. They almost make it seem like a website is outdated. But is it? And when DO you only need a sales funnel and no ‘traditional’ website? While there are no rules for when you’d use which, I do have some thoughts about it.

Your business

Have you just started your business? Not completely clear on what you are gonna offer, what way you will go? Or maybe you have a business that doesn’t rely on you as a person? Do you sell a product where people don’t really care who the seller is? Maybe you don’t need a complete website. When you have a service-based business, I think a website is a must as people want to know who is behind it all. When you are selling an e-book about how to sleep better, it might not be that interesting who wrote it if you mention how it is all research-based content. To me, it feels like if you want to set up a brand, you need a website. If you have a few stand-alone products, you might only need a sales funnel.

Your goals

Are you looking for your business to grow? Do you want to be known as the go-to person? You probably need a website that tells and shows people who you are and what you stand for. Are you trying to make a quick buck and maybe don’t care if it is short-lived? You can set up your sales funnel and get started right away. Creating a website around it later on if needed.

Your offers

What do you offer and how many offers do you have? If your offer heavily relies on you, a website gives you that credibility. If you just have one simple offer or maybe 2 which relate to each other, a sales funnel may be all you need. You could ask yourself if I were to buy this product, would I want to know who is selling it to me? In a sales funnel you can put in a little about yourself, but it will be limited.

Your audience

Do you have an audience already? If you do, you might want to build out your brand even more. Show who they are dealing with and how you stand out. Just starting your business? A sales funnel might be all that you need and send ads to your funnel. Once you grow and you get more known, you can build your business around it but have had a head start in sales and building a list.

Your website

Your website is something that says something about you, about the person behind the brand. Sure, it also shows your offers and such, but it’s mostly to get a feel for the brand. For some services, it’s important to know you at least like the person before you buy a service from them. If you are looking for a coach, you want to know their vibe. If I’m reading a book, I don’t care about the writer most often. It might help me decide to buy a book I just heard about if I know who wrote it and likes a previous book of them. But if I come around a book that sounds interesting to me, I don’t care about the writer. I might look at GoodReads for some reviews, but that’s it.


As I said, there are no rules when which is the right choice for you. It might come down to a feeling you have. Remember, if you decide to start with a sales funnel, you can always build a website around it later on. The other way around is also possible, first have a website and add your sales funnel in later on. The main question would be, would you want to know who you are buying from? Does the brand matter for the product you want to sell? If so, I would opt for a complete website with a sales funnel included. If not, you can start with just the funnel and see where it goes. It is simply a choice for now and you can always expand.

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