What determines your sales funnel conversion?

The truth is, there are a lot of things that can cause an online sales funnel to fail. One might be more important than the other, but all need to be looked at to get the optimal results from all the time and money you invested. And once you have set your funnel up taking all these things into account, you will keep having the option to improve on all of them. Now, what is it that determines your conversion?

Your offer

It might seem obvious, but I do want to mention this one first. If your offer does not solve a problem or provides someone entertainment, it won’t sell. It just won’t. You can do all the other things right, and maybe with tons and tons of visitors, you might get a few sales, but don’t expect much. If nobody wants what you got, nobody is gonna spend the money.

The copy

Another obvious one and mentioned most often the actual text. Do you lure people in with your words? Do they feel you understand their problem? Do they actually GET what your offer can do for them? You can have an amazing offer, but if no one feels like it’s about them, it might help them with their problem, they won’t buy. Creating great copy is an art in itself. When you are just starting out, you might do all of the things in your business yourself, including writing the copy. If so, do check out books like “How to write copy that sells” and maybe courses that help you create it. If you can, invest in a specialist.

The design

But you’ve seen the ugliest sales pages and they still convert?! Yes, that’s true. But imagine if the design accentuated your copy! Many people scroll through your page first, see if they want to spend time reading all of it. Design helps guide their eyes to the right parts. Making it easier to scan. Making sure they read what they need to read to make a good choice if they want to read all of it. And once they do decide to read it all, the design will make sure it’s EASY for them to read all.

The audience

Okay, this actually is in combination with your offer. If the people who visit your page are starting entrepreneurs and your offer is €100.000 and aims for people who make a million or more in their biz, it won’t work. If you are trying to sell a course about how to train a dog to people who are bigger fans of canaries, it won’t work. Your offer and audience need to be aligned. Your copy and audience too, as it needs to speak to them. Your design and audience too, as males in general, won’t feel attracted to pink, and older people will need to have a larger font for example.

The tech side

You’ve seen those websites. You enter the URL or click the link, and you wait… And wait… Not everybody will stick around for all that waiting! Your funnel needs to load quickly as that is what people expect. Someone needs to be really determined to wait around for 10 seconds for a page to load.
Also, no one will trust you if you don’t have an SSL certificate. It shows you are trustworthy. They are safe handing you offer their info to buy from you.
A working payment system. If someone needs to do a manual transfer to pay you, many will drop out. You need to be able to accept credit card or PayPal. Personally, I’m not a fan of PayPal because as a consumer it will never let me simply pay with my credit card as it found it linked somewhere else. It takes me a lot of time to finally get it done. I do love Stripe and use that one for my website, but there are more options. Whichever you go with, be able to take payments right away!

Bonus – Amount of traffic

Okay, to be honest, it does not really change the conversion percentage. But with just 10 people a month on your sales page, it’s hard to say what your conversion is. If you spent money to set up your funnel, or you need to have a big following, or you need to spend on ads, or you need to have affiliates. No visitors, no conversion possible.

Bonus – A thank-you page.

Now, this is after someone bought from you so won’t be showing in your initial conversion stats. But regularly, someone will get buyers remorse and ask for a refund. The thank-you page can help you make sure that your new customer feels appreciated! This keeps the stats of refunds low.

Which one needs your attention?

Now that you’ve read all the parts and how they influence conversion, what do you need to change?
If you need help with the design and tech side, don’t hesitate to book a call with me to get to know more about how I can help you or book your spot. I will help you set up your funnel on your own WordPress website and make it work like clockwork!
Got it all worked out? Enjoy the money you’re making :)!