The complete sales funnel walkthrough

When you Google ‘sales funnel’, you will find different meanings. What I mean when I say sales funnel, is a series of web pages that shows offers to visitors, depending on what they do or do not buy. It’s a tool to make sales NOW. If you are in business and work mostly online, this must sound interesting to you ;).
In this sales funnel, there are different steps. Each has its own purpose and some might be optional. Let’s go through them.

The sales page

This is where it all starts. Your initial offer. Most often the copy on this page is up to 1500 words. It guides the visitor through the pain points they are having now and the solution that can make their life easier or better. It’s an offer that’s clear will make a change for the better in someone’s life. This is where most of the clarification happens, as you have to really make clear that this is what they need. They don’t need to look any further. If this page does not work, it doesn’t matter how well created the remaining pages are, they will never see them.

The checkout page

Okay, they pressed the buy button, here comes the checkout page. In the simplest form, there is a way to put in an email address, payment details and a submit button and that’s it. However, you might want to get more info from your clients, like their name, maybe a shipping address or even more. It’s also a place where you can summarize the offer they are buying. In a short sentence remind them of how their life will improve after buying this. If someone gets distracted while on this page, they don’t have to go back to make sure they are paying for the right thing.
What you might want to add here too are some reviews. Even if you already have a few on the sales page, social evidence strengthens their belief they are buying the right thing.

The order bump

When on the checkout page, there is already a chance to sell something extra. This is called an order bump. It’s usually cheaper than the initial offer but doesn’t have to be. You don’t add a lot of text to sell this item, as it should be quite clear how it adds to the initial offer you made. Someone will simply need to tick a box to add it to the cart. Doesn’t matter if they don’t, you would still be able to sell that initial offer.

The upsell

Whether or not someone bought the order bump, you can show an additional offer that’s of even more value than your initial offer. It can be a replacement of the first offer, let’s say buy 5 books instead of the 1, or an add-on. With the book, they might also be able to book a call with you 1-on-1 to advance even faster. Options are limitless here. Just make sure it still has to do with the initial problem you were trying to solve.

The downsell

If someone decides not to take you up on your upsell, you can show them a downsell offer. It’s cheaper than the upsell (that’s why the name is what it is) but still makes it easier for the customer to solve the initial problem. You can choose however many upsells and downsells you will need and what offer shows in case of a yes, add or no, thanks.

The thank-you page

Once someone has gone through your complete funnel there is a final summary page, the thank-you page. It should at least show a summary of what someone has bought. However, this is a great place to set some expectations for your new customers. You can tell someone what to expect next, maybe refer them to your social media or anything other that might sound like the right thing to you.

Do you need all pages?

Simply said, no, you don’t. The basic funnel starts with a sales page, checkout page and thank-you page. An order bump and any upsells or downsells are optional and can always be added later if wanted. However, once someone already decided to buy from you, it’s a great opportunity to show them how you can help them even better. It’s a win-win if done right!

Ready to get your sales funnel started?

Let me help you set it up quickly! Depending on the amount of upsells and downsells it takes me 1 day to several days to set it all up and test it for you. All you need to do is come up with the offers, copy, and idea about branding. The design and technical implementation will be taken care of by me and my designer.
Know this is for you? You can book your spot here. Want to know a bit more about me before jumping in? Book a call with me and let’s get to know each other a little better!