How to technically set up a sales funnel in WordPress

There are many tools out there to create your sales funnel, with WordPress or otherwise. In this blog, I tell you about the way I create sales funnels in WordPress and which tools I use. This is not the only way or only tools available by any means. However, these tools work well for me and my clients! Now, let’s get started.

First; you need a WordPress website

This is quite obvious if you want to create your funnel on your WordPress website, but I mention it either way. Now, you do NOT need a complete website setup to get your funnel up. Your funnel could be your complete website! But you do need to have WordPress installed on a host to get started.

A store plugin

I use WooCommerce which is one of the most well-known store plugins available for WordPress. This means many created plugins hook onto this system. This makes it easy to expand when you need to connect it to your sales funnel, bookkeeping tool and more. Other tools might be able to connect to your tools too, but you will have to do your research to see if they connect well with your tools and if it’s easy to find help online.

Payment system

Many payment systems work fine with WooCommerce. Most known is probably PayPal, but I use Stripe. I personally dislike PayPal as I always have problems paying for something when I need to use it. Stripe, however, is clean and simple. No need for an account, I can simply enter my credit card details and pay. Whichever payment system you decide to choose, make sure it’s as easy as possible for your clients to pay you. This means definitely give the option to pay with a credit card!

Funnel tool

Now, you could use different workarounds and don’t use a funnel tool at all. However, it makes it easy to make mistakes, harder to adjust when needed, and takes a lot more time to build than needed. I use CartFlows to set up a sales funnel. It works with WooCommerce and they have a free version if you don’t want an order bump or upsells and downsells. If you want to go all out with your funnel, you will need to have the paid version which at the time of writing is available for $299 per year. It works with most page builders, like Beaver Builder which I use. You can download templates to get started or create a page from scratch which fits in with your branding seamlessly. Once you’ve set it up, it’s easy to swap around upsells and downsells, and you have a clear overview of the statistics. This helps you improve your funnel over time.

Email provider connection

Once a client has bought one or more of your offers, you of course want to keep connected! WooCommere will automatically send the invoice to them, but you will want to keep a list of everybody who showed interest in your stuff. There are many services available like MailChimp, ConvertKit and such. I myself use MailerLite. Most have a connection with WooCommerce which make sit quite easy to set it up. Once you have this, you can keep them in the loop, and also refer them to any new offers you have available and might be interesting for them.

Ready to get going?

With these tools, some googling, and time, you will be able to set it all up yourself. If you are quite tech-savvy it might take you less time than others.
Know you are not the right person to set it all up? Let me help you do so! Depending on the amount of upsells and downsells it takes me 1 day to several days to set it all up and test it for you. All you need to do is come up with the offers, the copy and have an idea about branding. The design and technical implementation will be taken care of by me and my designer.
Know this is for you? You can book your spot here. Want to know a bit more about me before jumping in? Book a call with me and let’s get to know each other a little better!