How to get the most out of your sales funnel

You’ve set up your sales funnel. Sales are dripping in, but you expected more! Now what? You start optimizing!

There are different ways of upping your conversion rate and all you can do is try them out. There is no clear one way that improves every funnel. A few key points determine your conversion, and you can test them out by switching a bit!


Could your copy be more clear? Be more clear on what pain paint you are solving for them? Be more clear on how VALUABLE your offer is? Writing a sales text is an art on its own, but certainly not an exact science. You could try two different versions of your copy and see if there is a difference in the percentage of people who buy. You can try to only change your headline, but you could also try to view the problem you are trying to solve from a completely different angle. Whatever changes and tests you do, make sure that once you see a difference in conversion, you know what it was that made that change!

Offers and their order

You could also try to change your offer a little bit. You might add to it, making it even more comprehensive, or leave a little out. Sometimes less is more. There is no way of knowing without testing it. Not only can you change your offer, but you can also switch your offers around. If you have many upsells and downsells, it might be worth changing these up, or maybe change your order bump on the checkout page.

Offer pricing

Sometimes, a €7/$7 works great! And sometimes, people trust there is more value in it when you charge €97/$97. For the same offer, you could try different pricing strategies. Be sure to keep your pricing the same for a selected amount of time so you know if it changes the conversion. Maybe it converts a little less, but because of the higher price, you do make more per average lead! Just know it’s not always that the cheaper it is, the more people buy it.

Money-back guarantee

One thing that would hold someone back might be that they are afraid they wasted their maybe limited money by buying your offer. This is an easy fix with a money-back guarantee! Also with this, you can try different things. Most often it’s recommended to have a 30 day, no questions asked guarantee, but you could also tie it to results. It all depends on your offer and what makes sense. If you are worried that they might go in on your course, take all your materials and ask for the refund, you might choose to only provide the final resources once the guarantee has passed.

Right audience with ads

Running ads? Maybe you simply don’t have a targeted enough audience. When you send people who dislike animals to an animal food offer, they of course won’t buy. Making sure the people who do get on your page are the ideal client or as close to, makes sure your conversion rate goes up!


It could be your design is putting people off. You could try switching up calm colours for brighter ones or the other way around. Also changes up font sizes might do something for your conversion as people might find it easier to read through. Add some more spacing so it’s calmer to the eyes is often also a great idea.

Speed up website

Technically, you could speed up your website. You can do this with special plugins, although be sure to test if they really improve your page speed! If you have a slow hosting company, it’s best to simply change hosting. When someone has to wait 10 seconds for your page to load, it does count towards people who visited your website (as they tried to). But when they close that windowpane because they have better things to do, it does take down your conversion and makes your hard work go to waste!

What’s the first thing you will try to change to see if your conversion goes up?
If you don’t yet have a funnel to improve, let’s talk about changing that! Book in a call with me to discuss if I can help you set up your funnel!