What A/B testing can do for your funnel conversion

Do you have a sales funnel? Are you sending lots of traffic to it? Then it’s probably worth it to do some A/B testing on it, also known as split testing. It will get you just that extra juice out of your funnel without figuring out the wheel all over again. So, let’s begin!

What is A/B testing

In case you never heard of A/B testing or split testing, it’s simply testing if A works better or B. Most already know to create 2 different ads and combine them with 2 different images. Then, after sending some traffic through them, see which one performs best. However, it doesn’t end there. When you use A/B testing on your actual funnel you can make more improvements. In this case, A and B are different versions of the same page in your funnel. They are just slightly different, so you can keep track of what change actually made the difference in conversion.

What can you test (focusing on the sales funnel part)

Okay, so what do you test on your pages? This can be so many things, but I will start you off with four examples.

Number one, the headline. Tweaking your headline, see which one grabs the most attention can be a great start. It can make sure people stay on your page, read what you have to offer or immediately think this is not for them and leave. The right one will keep them engaged.

Number two, the copy. This can be describing the problem differently, or an entirely different one. Or could be a different way of telling them what transformation you offer. Might be a different way of explaining your product. You could also change some statistics or reviews if you are showing those.

Number three, CTA’s. Changing up your Call To Action, tweaking it a bit can make sure they will press that buy button. If it’s quite dull like “Buy Now” it will most probably influence how many click it.

Number four, design. This can be a completely different look, but could also simply be changing up the background colour of your buttons to make them stand out more.

What are the average numbers?

Now, this is a lot to test, and how much does it help? If you look up conversion rates of sales pages, you will see quite a variation. The average conversion rate is 2,35% but varies from 0,5% to even 11%. With testing you can work your way up to the highest conversion possible, making sure every ad money you spent is getting you the best results possible and increasing your ROI.

What this means for the $

To give you an example, let’s say you start with an average conversion rate of 2%. If you have a €47 offer and get 1000 leads to your page, you will make around (€47 * 2% * 1000) €940. If you can get your conversion rate up with 2% to 4%, you will with those same leads make (€47 * 4% * 1000) €1.880 instead. And this is only taking into account your initial sales page. You can also improve your conversion rate on your upsells and downsells. Not only will more people see your up- and downsells, but a higher percentage will buy these too once optimized, making it even more interesting to get your conversion as high as possible!

What you need to start testing

You don’t need to have everything perfected out, but what you need is a sales funnel to test of course. You can simply start by testing your initial sales page without any up- or downsells. You will need a good amount of traffic to make sure your conversion rates are a valid representation. You will also need to use software that makes it possible to do A/B testing, like CartFlows for WordPress. This will help you to start noticing what works well and what doesn’t for your audience.

Do you want to improve your ROI on your sales funnel? Book a call with me and let’s make sure you get the most out of your ad spent!