All you need to know about sales funnels as a coach – what makes or breaks your funnel

You probably have an idea about what a sales funnel is. In this case, I’m talking about your sales page and any offers that may come with it. But what makes a funnel work? Profitable? What is it you need to know to create a funnel that has the best results? These are a few of my thoughts.

Know your audience

Of course, it speaks for itself, if you want to sell a dog to someone who hates animals (I don’t know how that’s possible, but what this post is about…), you probably won’t have a lot of success if any. But it can also be a little less obvious. What if your audience exists of people who just started their side business? Not making a significant income yet? They will be interested in other things than people who just took the leap and quit their day job. They are not far apart, but they do want different things.

Know what they want (what to write)

Once you know your audience or the audience you want to create for that matter, you need to get inside their heads. What is it they lie awake from at night? What are their worries? What would they love to have solved yesterday? When you know what they want, you know not only what to offer. but also how to write your sales copy. Show them you know their pain. You understand. Only if they feel you understand them, they will believe you have the solution.

Know what they need (vs what they think they need)

Little trick… Don’t sell them what they need. Sell them what they believe they want. Once you’ve sold them what they want, you can deliver what they need with it. Want’s are what lights someone up. What makes them grab their wallet. Once you’ve conveyed you can give them what they think they want, you can offer the thing that does that AND what they actually need.

Know what to offer as an upsell

You know the audience, the problem, what they want and what they will get. What would make it even better? How will they get to the solution quicker/faster/better? This can be your upsell. It ties in with your original offer or could be even a replacement of the original offer. At this point, you KNOW you have to do with someone who has that exact problem you were speaking about earlier. You KNOW what it is they want. This is what you can use to offer more. How can you give them even more of what they want? Or show them here what it is they need to propel their success even more.

Know how to nurture

Okay, so someone bought your offer, great! Now, don’t forget about them! Keep them in the loop with your emails. It would be a waste to first go through all the trouble of setting up your offers and getting traffic to them, to then never let them hear from you again. If they don’t hear from you, they forget you. They forget about the product they bought. By you keeping in touch, they keep trusting you. And not only will this reduce the refund rate, but it will also make your next launch more profitable with a list of people you know have bought from you before!

Do you know all you need to know to start your funnel?

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