Small introduction to funnels

Okay, funnels done right are amazing. Now, let’s get into what a funnel is :).

Before I’ll tell you all benefits of a funnel, the different tidbits it consists of and such, let’s get clear on what we are talking about when I say funnels. Some call it a funnel, others call it sales funnel, and there are probably a million other ways people have thought of to describe it to make it sound more unique. But a funnel is exactly what the name sounds like: you go from a large entrance – the beginning of a funnel -, to a small end goal – your end offer. All with the goal of making money.

At the start of your funnel, someone has no idea who you are or what you do. By sharing posts on social media or talking to them at a networking event you make them aware of you and your services. This is the top of your funnel.

Once they know who you are, they can choose to follow you and get to know you better. This means they will look at more of your posts or communicate with you more often. They entered your funnel. This can simply be by being Facebook friends, or they can opt-in to your e-mail list.

When the relationship is a bit stronger, you can offer them your services. It doesn’t matter what this service is. It could be a course, 1 on 1 package, or anything in between. Often you’ll hear the advice to start with your cheapest offers, but you can also start with higher-priced offers. It’s all up to you. Once bought, you can offer them the next thing, the next, and the next… Until you decide to quit your business, or they’ve gone through everything you have to offer and have ‘outgrown’ you. That’s the end of your funnel.

Not everyone will make it to the end of your funnel. At each stage, someone can decide to opt-out, or stay in your funnel forever and never buy anything. That’s the idea of a funnel. A smaller and smaller portion will go through to the next level and the next level. This is why you want to have a larger audience than the number of clients you need.

Funnels can have different goals. Some are there to grow your audience, some are there to make you money, and you can have anything in between. There is no one way to set up a funnel. There also does not need to be simply one way through. Most businesses owners who don’t automate, actually create a few smaller simpler funnels, without even knowing it.

There is no one best way to set your funnel up either. However, there are some commonalities. In 99,9% of online businesses, you will get the best results when those connections are not simply a friend on Facebook, but when they are on your mailing list. This is why you’ll often see freebies that attract the right kind of people, those who need and want your services. To get your freebie, they will provide their email address which grows your list. Now you can send them regular content that fits you and your brand and what you can help them with and guide them through your funnel.

The biggest benefits of funnels? They create money, time, and freedom! When you are clear on the ‘route’ your audience goes, you will have an easier time selling your offers and thus a better conversion. This means the same amount of clients will make you more money. With automating your funnel you will have time free to create more offers, help your current clients better, or simply enjoy the beach :).