The Process of Creating Your Sales Page

One of the main things we do for other entrepreneurs is creating sales pages. Sales pages that fit with your existing website branding. It won’t look exactly like all your other pages as it has a completely different purpose, but you’ll KNOW it is part of that same website. Clients will still recognize YOU in it.

What is a sales page and do I need it?

Okay, let’s take a step back. A sales page is simply a page that focuses on selling your course, info product, (e-)book, or anything else you would like to offer for sale to your current or new customers. This could be a €10 info product or a €2000 course, it does not matter. What a sales page comes down to: you have something others can buy, you explain how this will benefit them and give them the option to buy. That’s it.
If you have something you’d like to sell online and need that one thing to stand out, you create a sales page.

What is the difference between a sales page and any other website page?

The difference between this page and for example your home page or services page is that most often there will be a lot more text, easily more than 1200 words, and it will be focused on solely one thing. There is no menu bar, no footer with extra links except your privacy policy and/or disclaimer, it’s all about that one product. No distractions.
With the text you are showing potential buyers you understand their problem and have a solution for it. You have a section in which potential buyers can recognize themselves and relate to, one that shows the end-result, showcases the course modules or provides a description of the product, answers many frequently asked questions, shows the pricing, maybe some statistics or testimonials, and how to buy it. All you want someone to do on this page is to buy this specific product.

If you’d like to see an example of a sales page, check out this one for example.

What if I let my sales page be created by Melanze?

To have your sales page designed and created on your website, you first need the copy for the page. Once you have that, or a near-ready version and have sent it over, the design begins. The designer checks out your website and it’s branding-style and uses the colors, fonts, and images you used already. This way it’s clear that this is YOUR product and makes it look professional. No-fuss for you telling the designer all you want on your page, no extra tasks for you, you can just hand it off. After two days, you will get a design delivered to give feedback on. In case you do have specific requests for the design, we will happily accommodate it!

Once we go back and forth for 1 or 2 times about the design, the actual building process starts. The developer logs into your website, creates the page and follows the design created and approved by you. Within 2 days, the page will be ready for desktop and also tablet and mobile view. In case you also hired Melanze to set links to payment systems and have a thank you page created, it will take an extra day. At this point, it’s ready to be checked out by you!

Any small problems that might arise will be solved in 1 or 2 sessions. In general, from the moment you send your copy, your sales page is ready and set in 1 week!

That’s it! Within one week, you can start promoting your service. Whether it’s solely for your existing audience or you send ads to the sales page, it doesn’t matter. Your sales page is branded and ready to go!