How to set up your own business website fast…

with little to no technical knowledge or experience…
…even if you don’t have the money yet to hire someone to do it for you

When you are at the beginning of your business journey, or finally taking the step to take your side business to the next level, you might not have the money yet to invest in a web designer and web developer to do it all for you. You have to do it yourself for now.

People say creating a website is easy nowadays, everybody can do it.

Even your mother could do it and the rest you can Google.

The problem?
There are so many ways to set up your website and everybody seems to have a different best system/tool/plugin that seems to contradict the next blog you read.

If you don’t know the basics and what you need to look for, you will get lost in the big-big land called the internet. Like so many others before you who are still trying to get their website up 1 year later but got overwhelmed by all that is out there to find…

But you know you do NEED a professional website to be seen as credible and trustworthy. And you want it NOW. It’s the way to show others you are serious and an expert in what you do.

I started out by googling everything as well, setting up my first website.

All the options… All the plugins… But no idea what I would actually NEED to cover the basics or to be legally set.


After spending many, many hours on many, many websites, I had found the tools and options that work together

Making sure I added no extra unnecessary fuss (I hate over-complicating, especially if it’s just to sound more interesting), make it as easy as possible, affordable, and add only that what really works well together to create a website that is optimal and legally sound.

Imagine drastically reducing the time you spent on setting up your website?

Having a jumpstart with your business with credibility that your website gives you?


Web Creation Masterclass

for starting online entrepreneurs that want a professional website without the normal cost

The perfect course for online coaches, social media managers, VA’s, and other service providers!

Achieve that professional status you get by having a clear, good looking website (and avoid people think of you as a hobbyist) for a fraction of the cost of a web developer!

What’s inside the Web Creation Masterclass?


Videos – taking you by the hand every step of the way

Telling and showing you all the phases step by step. Having me explain all you need to know, do and why. We go from installing the theme to setting up your WordPress settings the right way, recreating your design, to getting your website live and showcasing your expertise to the world!


Written notes

If you are more clear on how to go forward when you can see AND read, this will help you get things done more easily.


BONUS: Facebook group support

If you have any tech questions that didn’t get answered during the course, you can ask in the FB group and be sure you never get stuck.


The You-can-create-your-own-website guarantee

If you don’t feel this masterclass helped you speed up the implementation side of your website creation, I will offer you a full refund. Make your payment today, and see how this course helps you! Take the full 14 days to explore the materials and THEN… make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.

Don’t wait with getting your website live until you can pay someone else to do it for you.

Websites are still needed. Especially now when social media giants having and showing the power they have over who gets to see your posts by constant changes in the algorithm. I’ve never heard anyone say they made a change for the better.

A website 

gives you credibility (56% of people say they don’t trust a business without a website)

saves you time (answering all those questions clients might have without you spending time to personally answer to them)

Is YOURS (Your social media presence can be taken away any time they decide so. Your profile might be gone tomorrow)

Are you ready to get your business website up fast and show the world you are the expert they need?

You know how often you check other people’s websites before you buy from them. Boost what you are already doing with having the credibility that a website gives you!

Let’s get your website live!



The Web Creation Masterclass

  • Videos – taking you by the hand every step of the way 
  • Written notes
  • BONUS: Facebook group support

Today’s price: €67

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this Masterclass help me to keep my website updated?
A: This Masterclass can be used whenever you need to update content on your website. However, it does not show you how to update themes and plugins and such. There will be a new Masterclass in the future that focuses on the upkeeping of your website!

Q: Will this Masterclass help me with whatever theme I have installed on my website?
A: No, this Masterclass does only cover how to use the page builders that come with the Movedo theme. If you have a different page builder and would like to have a Masterclass about this, send me a message!

Q: Will this Masterclass help me when I do have WP Bakery, but not with the Movedo theme?
A: This masterclass won’t be as effective for you as it could be. In this Masterclass, I will be using a lot of Movedo enhancements which you won’t find in the normal WPBakery version.

Q: Can I join if I don’t know how to install WordPress on my hosting?
A: If you need a guide on how to set up your WordPress, check out my free Masterclass, the Basic WordPress Setup Masterclass! After that, you are ready to go with us :)!

Q: I don’t want to create a website with WordPress. Is this Masterclass for me?
A: No, this Masterclass purely is about WordPress with the themes specified. If you use any other website builder, this Masterclass is not for you.

Q: For how long will I have access to the Masterclass?
You will have access to this masterclass for 6 months. With the steps laid out for you, you can set up your website within a few days if you want to! If you’d like to take more time, that’s not a problem. You have 6 months to get your website live :)!

Q: What if it turns out I still can’t do this on my own?
A: If even with all the step-by-step guidance and the private support in the Facebook group where you can ask me ANY question you want about getting your website live you won’t be able to set up your own website, there is a moneyback guarantee. If within 14 days you decide this masterclass did not help you, send me a message and I’ll return you the money.

Q: Will this Masterclass help me set up an e-commerce store/membership site/real estate site/specialized site?
A: No, this Masterclass purely is about creating pages in WordPress with the age builders as mentioned. If you want to create or maintain your specialized site with extra options that go beyond a contact form, it will not be covered. However, there will be future Masterclasses that will build on this Masterclass that cover e-commerce sites and memberships. Those won’t go into detail about setting up your home page and such, but specifically the functions that are new to the new subject.

Q: Will this Masterclass help me with designing my website?
A: No, this Masterclass purely is about taking the design you have in mind and making it come alive. If you’d like more info on how to create a design, you can check my blog ‘Designing your website as a coach or service provider‘.

The Web Creation Masterclass

  • Videos – taking you by the hand every step of the way 
  • Written notes
  • BONUS: Facebook group support

Today’s price: €67