you need a sales page
you need a sales page-small

A page that you and our customers will love and gets you sales.

Simple as that.

You spend hours thinking about how you want your new membership work and what it needs to look like

Figured out what your client needs from you in your course to get them the transformation they are looking for

You are ready to sell your new offer on autopilot

You just need to send them somewhere for the details, to sign up and pay you.

Your sales page!


having a sales page

  • …you cannot wait to show potential clients
  • …that’s clear in what you offer
  • speaks to your ideal client
  • …transforms potential clients into paying customers
  • …that works on autopilot

this sales page came into existence in

  • …a quick way
  • …an easy way
  • …a fun way
  • …an exciting way!

This can be your reality. This can be your future.

Whether you have a membership for sale, a new big signature course, or your first mini-course to get new customers to trust you.

You know your sales page is where you need to show it.

The transformation.

What's included.

The BUY button

Patty stripes


Ready to

working with a professional who

  • gets what you want.
  • … asks the right questions.
  • understands what you try to convey with your website
  • … makes the whole process sleek, easy and pain free for you
  • … makes you feel proud to show your online home

and did I mention ease?

I'm Patty!

I’m a web developer for 6 years with an eye for design. I’ve helped many clients from multiple continents to get a website or sales page they are proud of and love to show everyone who wants to see it!

I work together with my partner to create a design that fits your brand and a website that works like clockwork!

All I ever did in my career was to never make things harder than they need to be, but still make it the best it can be. That’s what I now do for someone like you when I create websites or sales pages!

I'm Patty

This is for you if you know

  • what you want your product brand to convey
  • what colours and fonts you want
  • the copy you need on your the page
  • what images you want to be shown
  • have a WordPress website to host it on

This is NOT for you if you

  • don’t know what vibe you want
  • don’t have a brand vision
  • have no idea about what colours, fonts and images
  • don’t have any copy for your sales page yet
  • don't have a website of your own
how we make this happen

You book your build-day in the calendar and make sure you have your prep work set and shared three workdays before we start building.

The day before we start, you will get a design draft for your sales page on which you can give your feedback.

On the build day, I will start building your sales page according to the design and comments given by you.

Throughout this build-day, you need to be available to check the sales page and give comments on design.

The end of the day, your sales page is ready to go live!

How we make this happen?


Sales page with max 1500 words


Sales page with max 4000 words


new salespage shop

What clients say


After 10 years of ‘website shame’ I now have a site that I am so proud of and it was a delight to work with Patty. She completely understood what I wanted in terms of content and design and delivered so much more than I ever hoped for.

Alison Smith
Administrative support

Jo Bendle

I love Patty’s whole “stress free” approach to creating sales pages. She sent me a design to feedback on before building it, was super responsive to changes and made the whole process sleek and pain-free.

Jo Bendle
Coach & Mentor

Jenny Guyat

I have just discovered Melanze and what a find! Patty’s service was fast, smooth, easy and her eye for design is amazing. […] I’m delighted with my new sales page.

Jenny Guyat
Career Coach

When you get your sales page with Melanze, there is a fixed, one-off price, depending on your amount of words.

This price includes:

  • Sales page design by a specialist (actually 2 specialists ;))
  • Created with your current page builder or with Beaver Builder
  • 1-month support in case issues arise after build day

Sales page with max 1500 words


Sales page with max 4000 words


The Details

  • Your sales page will be hosted on your own website
  • If you have a page builder like Divi or Beaver Builder I will use it
  • If you don’t have a page builder I will install Beaver Builder

I will be available for 1 month to fix any issues that arise.

Sales page with max 1500 words


Sales page with max 4000 words


When can I book?

You can book your spot one and a half week in advance or more. Be sure that you have enough time to get your prep work ready and set 3 work days before build!

What do I need to do to start?

You get your copy, images, and brand vision (if different from your main website) ready. If you want to share more, you can always do so! Be sure you give as many examples of styles you like and image options as possible.
Of course, you need to book your build day too!

How do you get all this info from me?

We will share a folder on Google Drive.

How do you get what I like or don’t like?

In the prep phase you give me some examples of websites you like and what parts, and what you don’t like about them. This will give me a good idea of what you are looking for.

What’s not included?

This pricing does not include hosting or regular upkeep by me. If you don’t know what you need, we can discuss it!

Do I get revisions?

As I will already have a good idea about what you want from the examples you’ve given you won’t be needing many. That said, you can give your feedback on the design I send a day in advance that evening. The next day, when I actually start building, you will be giving me feedback throughout so that at the end of the day you get exactly what you wanted!

Can I get a refund?

This is not possible due to me blocking out my time especially for you and cannot serve anyone else in that time frame. Once you booked your spot there are no refunds.
If you are not sure this package is for you, let’s chat!