How to make
Facebook Group Marketing
Easy & Effective

Even when you are as impatient as me…

…or just need more clarity on what’s working for you!

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This planner is specifically for online marketing in groups, to leave overwhelm behind and focus on the message.

Stop being confused about what, when or where you share

Everybody tells you, as long as people see your name over and over again online, you are good. The rest is details.

The problem? Everybody is doing it. If you’d known you’d be spending so much energy on writing, sharing, and competing for attention without any promises of success, you would have a strategy in place!

When you don’t have a clear overview of your posting schedule, you have no idea what to share next or what people relate to. You’d just quit when you see no results without any idea about why.

This is exactly why I started and stopped this way of marketing.

Many, many times.

No matter how good my intentions were and love the services I offer.
I don’t love marketing. Marketing does not come naturally to me.

I don’t like writing posts. I don’t like posting in all the groups without knowing if it really works for me.

I had to think about what and where to post, day in day out. Losing a lot of precious energy. Not having a plan, a system, made sure I wasn’t gonna post.

Until one day, I decided to make group marketing easy too.

I designed an easy to create and follow planner that even MY overwhelm was gone and kept even ME consistent.

Imagine if people recognized your name and started tagging you?
If they know you are the person to go to for their problem?


Keep me in the group planner

An easy overview that helps you promote consistently and effectively

The perfect planner for all online entrepreneurs growing their brand awareness on social media via group

You’ll be able to:

Simplify your process for planning and posting your message on Facebook and LinkedIn groups
(and not waste time to search through all groups and posts to figure out which one post to share where today)

Track statistics on which kind of post works well in which group
(and not give up after just a few times of posting)Simplify your process for planning and posting your message on Facebook and LinkedIn groups

Know which groups have the most engagement compared to others
(and avoid wasting time in groups your ideal client is not active in)

Build brand awareness in an easy constructive way
(and Avoid confusion that keeps your marketing from being consistent)

90 million small businesses use Facebook of which most stick to the free options like Facebook groups

What comes with the Keep me in the group planner?

Keep me in the group planner

This planner made in Google Sheets will help you plan out your posts in different groups. Easily see how regular you post one particular post over all the groups and how often you will share in which group. Ensuring you keep on track with your brand awareness strategy in an easy way. There is also space available to add notes about what days what kind of posts are allowed for example.

Video explanation

I’ve added a video that shows me filling out the planner and explaining the different parts, so you know exactly how to use the sheet to make your group marketing easy.

Post planning checklist

Be sure to take all the steps every time you schedule the posts or when you are sharing in the groups.

Post Statistics

See what posts are having the most responses and what helps your ideal client to feel connected to you so you know what to write more of.

Group Statistics

No need to spend time in groups where no one engages with others and save yourself time and frustration.

BONUS: Review Questions

A list of questions to ask yourself based on the statistics you have gotten. This will help you be more effective each and every time you go through the process of creating posts and reaching the right audience.

BONUS: Post ideas

A few journal questions to make sure you have something to share

BONUS: Easy response sheet

You know those posts where you can share your offer? Or those questions that get asked again and again? In this sheet, you have an easy reference to each of the replies.

With all the time you are spending on marketing trying to attract new dream clients
don’t you want to know if and what you are doing is actually working?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required?

To set up the schedule it depends on how many groups you want to be active in and how many posts you schedule out in advance. Once you’ve set the group info and the posts you need, with 4 groups and 7 posts, it will take you no more than 10 minutes to schedule. To actually post in the groups you copy the post, follow the group link you have set before, and paste the post in the Facebook group. To fill out the statistics, you can add a link to the post to make it easy to find them. This is best to be done on the day after posting when most posts don’t have any new engagement anymore.

I don’t use Facebook for marketing. Will this still work for me?

This sheet is especially created to keep track of your posts in groups of others. This could be on Facebook or Linkedin. If you don’t have a marketing strategy to post in these groups, this planner is not for you.

I already tried getting my name out in groups without results. Will this still work for me?

It depends on if your posts are getting engagement (with the statistics you can see which do and which don’t) and how often in how many groups you post.

How fast can I expect to see results?

Do you know why it didn’t work? If you don’t know why it did not work for you, this planer will help you get better at it!

What if I have Hootsuite/Later/Buffer? Does this product still work?

Hootsuite and such are not able to post or collect statistics in groups where you are not the administrator. That’s where this planner comes in.

I don’t have a marketing strategy yet. Do I need this?

If you are planning to do your marketing in groups it’s best to start with a clear overview so you can learn and course-correct fast in terms of copy and which groups to promote in.

Can I use this for automated scheduling?

No, it is not possible to automatically share posts in groups administered by others. This is not allowed by Facebook.

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?

The planner is created in Google Sheets, which is online free software created by Google. All the extra checklists and videos will be available on Google Drive. For the checklists, you will need Acrobat Reader which is free to download.

Can I share this with a friend?

When you buy this sheet you are allowed to share it with someone who does your marketing for you in Facebook groups. However, it is not allowed to share the link with people not involved with your marketing.
If you would love to share this planner, please send them the link to this page so they can buy their own version.

What if it’s not what I expect?

There is a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you feel after using it this is not worth at least the small investment you made, send an e-mail to and I’ll issue a refund.

Is there a guarantee I will get sales using this?

Regularly posting on Facebook or LinkedIn does not have any guarantee of you finding new clients. This all depends on f you are posting in groups where your ideal client is hanging out and if your posts are relatable to them.

Keep me in the group planner

  • Video Explanation
  • Post Planning Checklist
  • Post Statistics
  • Group Statistics
  • BONUS: Post Ideas
  • BONUS: FB Groups List
  • BONUS: Easy Response Sheet

Today’s price €17

Are you ready to get your group marketing on track?

You know it’s important to get your name out there and get the connection going with your ideal client to start making a profit.

Boost what you are already doing by making it easier and trackable. Don’t waste time on posts that don’t do anything for you.

Let’s get you going with ease!


Keep me in the group planner

  • Video Explanation
  • Post Planning Checklist
  • Post Statistics
  • Group Statistics
  • BONUS: Post Ideas
  • BONUS: FB Groups List
  • BONUS: Easy Response Sheet

Today’s price €17